Eyenga Bokamba creates immersive spaces for contemplation and renewal within her lyrical, complex paintings.


You are invited into the expansiveness of her creations, in which titles figure as prominently as the images on canvas and paper.  Her paintings traverse the world, and her clients tell of the transformative power of her work in their environments. 


Photo credit: Maria Chiang

I create what I want to see in the world. I am preoccupied with layers, translucence, vibrant resonance, and above all, preserving the intuitive artistic process.


Artist statement

I create immersive painterly worlds that function on multiple levels to address our political landscape, cultural myths, and intellectual conundrums. 

I am fascinated by the dimensionality and sculptural quality of translucence, how it causes a rupture in space and demands consideration.

 My work as a painter is also deeply informed by my training as a writer and background in performance art. 

 The most significant aspects of my artistic practice include a constant exploration of boundaries, continual questioning of assumptions, and a desire to apply the laws of alchemy to my work.  

 I see my work as a union between abstract expressionism and the critical pedagogy of installation art. I find myself continually reflecting upon the spatial footprint and cultural impact of my artistry. 

 I position my work within the context of other contemporary artists whose practice lives at the intersection of a desire for social transformation and a commitment to beauty. 

 The act of creating inviting, transformative, reflective spaces allows me to inhabit multiple identities in new ways, which impacts my ability to participate in the current national conversation on race, power and privilege.

 I strive to invite, through beauty, the generous reconsideration of the expansion of possibilities for all people.

 My greatest desire is to create work that pivots on an axis of understanding and advances our collective consciousness about what it means to be alive, thriving, and empathetic in today’s world. 

~ Eyenga Bokamba

2018: the artist celebrates her existence. on the day of her birth.

Photo credit: Jared Fessler - facebook & instagram @jaredfesslerphotography



the artist celebrates her existence. on the day of her birth.

The Gallery

Future Tense Gallery

2205 California Street NE

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Visit Eyenga at her new gallery in the historic California Building by appointment or during second Saturdays from 11-4pm.

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The Studio

in the California Building

2205 California Street NE

Suite 312

Minneapolis, MN 55418




Contact Us

Visit Eyenga in her studio in the California Building on the second Saturday of each month or by appointment. 

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